Product name PRP KIT-20CC
Product Features - The amount and location of the buffy coat clearly identified by the transparent cylindrical design.
- Specially designed curved funnel type design eliminates cell loss.
- Both PRP and PPP can be extracted with one kit.
- No platelet damage by secondary centrifugation because only one centrifugation enables extraction.
- High platelet concentration rate (12 ~ 13 times)
- PRP/ PPP can be extracted with a syringe without a needle.
- The amount of plasma can be adjusted and extracted according to the purpose of treatment.
- A closed system to prevent airborne infection.
- The maximum amount of PRP can be always extracted regardless of the user’s skill.
  • Extracted with just
    a syringe without needle

  • Adjustable plasma

  • High platelet
    concentration rate

  • Compatible with ready-made centrifuges

  • Always maximum

  • Extract both

  • Specially designed

PRP KIT-20CC Product Use Order
STEP 1.Add 18cc of blood and 2cc of anticoagulant to 20cc KIT, and prepare the balance KIT by filling the same amount of water, and then insert it into a centrifuge.
STEP 2.Carry out centrifugation (2600RPM, 1,200RCF, 5minutes).
STEP 3.When centrifugation is finished, take out the Kit, remove the bottom cap by unscrewing clockwise, and insert the PRP Controller on the bottom of Kit.
STEP 4.Open the green rubber cap on the top of Kit, insert the 10cc syringe, and turn up the PRP Controller to collect plasma (PPP) about 7cc into the syringe.
STEP 5.Discard collected unnecessary plasma, insert a PRP syringe on the Kit, and extract remaining plasma and buffy coat.

* Please refer to the video for detailed tips.