Product name Activator
Product Features - Goodmorning Bio Activator is the only patented platelet activation instrument in Korea.
- Activator is a product that maximizes the effects of Cytokine and growth factors in platelets without
any side effects by activating the extracted PRP only in a physical manner without any chemical
composition or chemical reaction
such as Calcium or Thrombin.
- Growth factors, which are activated only in a physical manner, enable faster regeneration and wound
healing, and have no side effects (very high risk of thrombus generation due to strong blood clotting)
that cannot be shown in the use of chemical components

- Activator activate platelets quickly and efficiently using a relatively simple device.
- It activates platelets only by physical means without using any chemicals.
- It also activates platelets to a level almost similar to that of thrombin, the most well-known chemical
platelet activator.

Activator Product Use Order

  • STEP 1.

    Turn and connect the 5cc luer lock syringes to both sides of Activator (empty syringe and syringe containing 2cc ~ 5cc of PRP)
  • STEP 2.

    Hold the syringes connected on both sides with both hands, and alternately pass them through Activator.
    (Repeat 10 times)
  • STEP 3.

    PRP activation completed